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Make Your Parking Lots Safer and More
Attractive – and Much Easier and Less
Costly to Maintain!
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FREE Special Report: How to Increase Your Net Profit with Less Work
our 8-page report for contractors only shows how you can build or update parking lots with our colorful, weather-resistant TLCTraffic Rubber Car Stops and Speed Bumps. rubber Stops and Bumps install quickly and easily with spikes or bolts on asphalt or concrete, saving you time and labor while reducing costs. In this free report, you'll discover:
How to differentiate yourself from all other parking lot contractors in your town, save your customers' money, and make more profits.
Page 1.
Why rubber curbs and bumps don’t chip, splinter, or crack like treated timber, plastic or concrete do. Page 2.
How to reduce parking lot costs -- and protect the
environment -- by recycling old tires into new parking curbs
and speed bumps. Page 1.
Tips for lowering installation, freight, and equipment costs
for installing new parking lot curbs. Page 4.
And more…
FREE Traffic & Parking Safety Products Catalog
  6-page catalog gives you the features and specs on the full line of rubber
parking curbs, speed bumps, and speed humps.
  By making parking lot car stops and speed bumps out of natural rubber
recycled from used tires, can offer superior performance
at extremely low cost. Re-using old tires helps save the environment. And, natural rubber curbs are more weather-resistant – and
have a much longer life – than timber, plastic, or concrete parking curbs
FREE Rubber Parking Curb Cost Estimate
  just indicate the number of parking spaces requiring new or replacement curbs
below, and type any special requirements in the “comments” space below. We’ll
give you an estimate showing how you can save time and money, beautify your
parking lot, and ensure that cars come to a safe stop in parking spots with our
low-cost recycled rubber curbs.
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FREE Rubber Speed Bump Cost Estimate
  bright reflective tape and cat’s eye reflectors make our easy-to-install rubber
speed bumps stand out in an asphalt or concrete parking lot, so drivers can’t
miss them. rubber speed bumps get visitors to slow down to 5 mph or
less, preventing accidents and improving parking lot safety.
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