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Rubber Parking Stops,
Curbs and Wheel Stops

Choose from 3 flavors! Yellow is the standard color Blue typically
represents a handicapped designated space and White is for the Nouveau

All are available in standard 6' lengths.

Rubber Curbs or Wheel Stops are a great alternative to concrete and
Here are just a few of the MAJOR BENEFITS of using our curbs!
1. The INSTALLED price of RUBBER is less than that of other products.
If you consider Time, Materials, Labor, and Equipment,
our products have a lower INSTALLED price
2. RUBBER is safer and easier to install. Concrete curbs weigh in at 100 to
150 lbs Our curbs weigh 34 lbs each
One contractor said "we could carry 1 under each arm!"
3. RUBBER is easier and less expensive to transport to the jobsite. At 34
lbs each, you could put a skid of 49 in a pick-up truck,rather than using a stake body truck or flat bed trailer.

4. Our RUBBER curbs have molded-in reflective tape , which
is highly visible. This makes your parking lots safer and nicer.

5. They're more durable than concrete and plastic. Let's face it, look at
what rubber did for the automobile industry. Long lasting, smooth ride!
You get the same benefits with these curbs. Concrete spalls from salt and plastic becomes brittle after many freeze/thaw cycles.

6. They do not consume any NEW raw materials from the earth.unlike asphalt or concrete, which consume raw materials such as oil , lime,cement, sand and other rocks. Rubber parking curbs are made from old recycled rubber tires that would normally be collected in landfills.

Using Recycled Rubber parking curbs is environmentally friendly

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